In my long experience of having known and worked with some of the “greats” of our time, I can say in all fairness that Ozioma belongs in that company. Her solutions are startling in their brilliance and effectiveness. She brings both depth and breadth, wisdom and compassion. To know Ozioma, is to observe the finest example of rising leadership and have hope in a future where before there had been despair. ~Jean Houston, World Renowned Transformational Leader & Co-Founder of the Human Potential Movement



Ozioma is a speaker, writer, teacher and transformational strategist dedicated to helping individuals,  businesses and communities reach their full potential.

A leader in transformational coaching and strategy, Ozioma works with individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations to create tailored strategies that support them in achieving their highest form of excellence while releasing perceived limitations and step into the biggest, boldest realities imaginable, where they can shine FULLY.

Highly sought after, Ozioma’s strategies have been adopted by individuals, Fortune 500 corporations, small business owners, local communities, and a variety of change agents seeking to spark global transformation.

In 2012 she created World Dream Day a global day of activation used as a vehicle for empowering ideas, goals and dreams around the world.

Ozioma has also served as a Vice President in the disciplines of Strategic Planning, Cultural Strategy, Cultural Insight and Innovation for several internationally recognized marketing agencies. Including:

Ozioma has spoken at global venues such as the United Nations and delivered inspiring motivational addresses at numerous conferences, including the Grace E. Harris Women’s Leadership Conference, SXSW Interactive Festival, Social Media Week and TEDxBrooklyn. She has also been honored as an innovator on NBC, and made guest appearances on CBS, ABC, FOX and MSNBC.

Ozioma teaches a Masters course on Developing & implementing Ideas at Columbia University and is the founder and CEO of BurnBright International.


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Things I'm Passionate about

  • Helping people
  • Traveling
  • Coaching
  • Film + Food

How We Work with Clients

BurnBright International specializes in transformational strategy and coaching. What makes the BurnBright method unique is that it provides clients with a specific method of change that is tailored for them ALONE. The secret lies in the combination of techniques that we bring to bear on each unique client challenge.

We help individuals, businesses and communities reach their goals by envisioning, conceiving, and co-creating transformational strategies that are unique as they are. Our tailored methods prepare clients to engage and address opportunities and risks emerging brighter than ever before.


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